Thursday, March 6, 2014

Celebrate with Us! PPOM Success Stories

Our hospice patient Carol was feeding her three large birds from her cupboards with her own canned food. Alerted to Carol's financial difficulties, Hope's Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM) program stepped in. Volunteers Emily and Tino pick up and delivery bird food and apples every month. Carol and her birds can now rest easy knowing that they will never run out of food.

A sweet puppy was recently on the run in a local neighborhood and found himself in the loving arms of a hospice patient. Our patient was so overwhelmed by his diagnosis that he wasn't sure if he'd be able to adopt this friendly little puppy. But PPOM was able to deliver a ‘doggy bag’ full of helpful supplies like a collar, leash, dog food and other goodies. The patient expressed an overwhelming appreciation for our program and how we came to his aid just when he needed it most!

Our patients Frances, Erika and Sherry now receive monthly supplies of cat food. This support for their beloved pets allows them to focus on their own health and well-being.

Meet Baxter and Marilyn Monroe

Diane passed away recently, leaving Baxter and Marilyn Monroe behind. Can you find a home for these two cats? They are both very sweet and good with other cats.

Baxter is a Russian Blue male. Marilyn Monroe is an orange tabby. Both have all of their claws, are neutered/spayed, are indoor/outdoor cats and are up-to-date on their shots.

Baxter and Marilyn Monroe can go to new homes together or separately.

For more information, contact Rick at (239)-368-6946.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Give Owner Doris Peace of Mind by Adopting Her Cat Family

UPDATE May 5, 2014: Sweet Pea and Pepe have a new home! Patti brought Sweet Pea and Pepe home this past weekend and shares that the cats are the most loving cats she has ever been around. Doris’ son also found homes for Sissy and Snow Bell.

Can you help Doris find a new home for her cat family? Doris is planning ahead to find a new home for her cats after she's gone. She’d like to keep them with her as long as possible, but knowing their future home is in place would give her peace of mind.

Doris is open to different homes for these four, but she would much prefer for a new owner to keep them together - as they have always been.

Sissy is the mother cat. She is 7 years old, 9.5 pounds, all white with grey on her head. She was an abandoned cat that Doris fed and eventually, she became an indoor cat that was pregnant. She has a pleasant personality, can be a bit shy, still has all of her claws, and is a lap cat.

All three of the cats from Sissy’s litter are 5 years old, friendly and playful. Their front paws are declawed. Their shots are up to date.

Snow Bell is an all white neutered male, 14 pounds, considered the ‘old soul’ of the group. He loves to play and is the first one out to greet a guest.

Sweet Pea is a female calico that is spayed. She weighs in at 8 pounds. She is the sweetest of all the cats and she likes to ‘talk’.

Pepe is a white male cat with grey ‘eye brows’. He is neutered, weighs 9 pounds and has long legs.

Please help us find a new home for one, two, three or all four of these cats. Hope can help you with supplies and support. If interested, please call Doris at (239) 540-5917.