Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stress Relief: PPOM to the Rescue!

Our patient needed to stay at a Hope Hospice House - leaving behind Bella and Saint, her two large, rambunctious dogs. The daughter, Stacey, was going over to feed and care for them. But Stacey's crazy schedule already included visiting her mother at the Hospice House, taking care of her elderly grandmother, nursing her own dog with epilepsy - as well as keeping everything in order at work and at home!

Stacey was really stressed.

Fortunately, PPOM arranged for Bella and Saint to stay with a professional boarder. They worked on behavior management with the dogs, and also taught Stacey some tips and tricks. Both dogs were examined and vaccinated at a local vet.

After her mother passed away, Stacey took comfort in taking the dogs home. She said, "This is what my mother wanted. Thank you so much for helping make this happen!"

Your Donations Made It Possible! Through gifts from our generous donors, we were able to pay for Bella and Saint's boarding and veterinary bills as well as e-collars and crates.

Thank you for helping us provide true Peace of Mind!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

PPOM Supporter Badge to Share on Social Media

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  • $25 Snuggle Sponsor, send a pet visitor to bring joy to someone in our care
  • $50 Pantry Partner, stock our pet pantry with food, toys, and essential supplies
  • $75 Smile Supporter, provide classes and materials to start-up new Hope volunteers
  • $100 Pet Patron, help with medical fees required to keep pets healthy and happy