Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Parkinson Pet Party on Zoom

After furry friends kept creeping into our Zoom meet-ups, the Hope Parkinson group decided to throw a virtual Pet Party to let them take center stage!

Parkinson Pet Party

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pet Parades!

Pet Parade

Pet Parade Cape Coral

Pet Parade Lehigh Acres

Pet Parade IV

Pet Parade V

Hoagie Retires after Nearly a Decade of Dedicated Service

Hoagie became a Hope Pet Visitor in June of 2011. Throughout the years, his visits have brightened the day for the people in Hope's care - in nursing and rehabilitation facilities, in private homes, and at the Hope Care Center at HealthPark. It has been pure joy to watch him share his gentle spirit with patients, families, care providers, and staff.

Hoagie is planning to enjoy his retirement in Alva, relaxing on the front porch with family and furry friends in the shade of beautiful oak trees. It has been my honor and pleasure to accompany him on so many memorable visits and to serve as his chauffeur!
~Suzanne Grace, Hope Volunteer

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Urgent: Big Boy Mimi Needs a Family with a Big Heart!

Erika will soon be moving to live with her family caregiver in another state. We want to help Erika by finding a loving, new home for her cat, Mimi, as soon as possible.

Seven years ago, this handsome orange and white cat showed up on Erika’s door during a rainstorm. No longer a kitten, Mimi now weighs a whopping 23 pounds and has lots of love to give!

This neutered male cat is healthy but needs up-to-date vaccinations and a nail trim. Hope can help with both.

Mimi has a very independent personality. Decisions about lap sitting and petting are always up to him! He’s a verbal guy who responds when he is talked to, but he can be skittish with new people and new activities. Mimi would probably do well in a quiet home where he can gradually get comfortable. A new home with a screened area would be ideal, as he’s used to being allowed some “outdoor” time. He gets along well with at least one other cat, so he may fit into a new home with resident kitties.