Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can you rescue Chester and Hope before Saturday?

Update May 5, 2014: Chester and Hope found a new home together. Val reports that both cats are adjusting well to their new environment and they are enjoying nestling under her comforter.

If you can offer temporary boarding or a permanent home, we need your help!

These two year old kitties are litter mates, who would be happy to be adopted together. Chester is a 10 pound black cat, quite slender in appearance, who likes to climb and use his scratching post. Hope is gray with a white belly and weighs about 7 pounds. They are indoor cats and litterbox-trained. Both still have their claws, Chester is neutered, Hope is spayed, both have up-to-date shots and are flea free.

Chester and Hope usually relish an evening romp, playing together with cat toys. They also enjoy the company of their family’s small dog. Neither Hope nor Chester has experience around children, but both cats will sleep with their owner.

 Please consider giving these two a place to stay until we find them a permanent home. Or, you could be the one to give them a new home – forever!

Call Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Special Savannah Cat is Ready for Love

Update April 25: Tamara has adopted Manja! We hope he enjoys his new home.

Manja Jose is a 5 and a half year old male Savannah cat. These exotic cats have beautiful markings, slender bodies and big ears. As a Savannah cat, Manja is one of the newest breeds in the world! He does not have official papers, but his family believes he is at least an F5 generation of the breed.

Manja has a wonderful disposition. He loves attention, is playful and inquisitive. He is friendly and affectionate with his family’s small dog, and he sleeps with his owner each night. He is up to date on all immunizations and veterinary care. His front paws are declawed.

Manja’s family also has four other cats. Though they love Manja, they feel it is not fair to limit him to small areas of the house because of the other cats’ behaviors. They hope Manja can find a new family who could provide him with a whole home to roam!

Manja would be an ideal solo cat, or he may be a good companion to an existing cat, if properly introduced. Adopters with knowledge of the breed, the behaviors and needs would be an ideal match.

Manja’s family would like to meet potential adopters in their home, which is located in southwest Cape Coral. If for any reason Manja does not fit in his new adoptive home, the family will be happy to take him back into their care.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Update on Kenzi's New Home

Kenzi is the star of her neighborhood! Family and friends come by and offer to take her for a walk. The neighbors stop to pet her and some cross the street, intentionally to say hello and offer a scratch. Kenzi is very social and loves to be around people. She is a good eater on a structured eating schedule and healthy diet. On June 7, she will celebrate her 14th birthday.

Lois (her adopter) said - with great emotion - that Kenzi is the best thing to come into their lives. She is the perfect match, and Lois is very thankful to Hope for bringing them together.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jeep & Joey, Purebred Poms, Want Your Love

Update: Kim took both of the dogs home and reports that Jeep is a love - Joey, who has been grieving, is now coming around!

Jeep and Joey are 9 year old purebred Pomeranians from the same litter. They are well-groomed, flea free, neutered dogs, with up-to-date shots.

Jeep is the affectionate lap dog who loves to be loved on. Joey is the alpha dog who was very protective of his owner and acts as a good guard dog, barking when there seems to be a threat. Once he warms up to you, he is very affectionate too.

Jeep and Joey's dad recently passed away under the care of Hope Hospice, and they are looking for a new home before Thursday, April 10. They live on Fort Myers Beach, but we can help with arrangements to meet the dogs to see if one or both will be a perfect fit for your family!

Hope's Pet Peace of Mind program helps new adopters get started with supplies and support. Please call (239) 985-7728 to meet these adorable dogs.