Monday, July 6, 2020

Can Joey be Your New Friend?

Are you looking for a loving feline companion? Joey is a 7-year old orange cat that is looking for a new home.

Edward and Eleanor rescued him when he was only a year old, but they believe he would be happier as an “only child” where he won’t need to compete for attention. As an indoor cat, Joey is used to being in a quiet home, sitting in an enclosed lanai, and getting frequent pettings. He’s healthy and up-to-date on his vaccinations.

Eleanor is available to talk with any interested adopters to see if Joey is a good match. Hope can provide startup supplies and support. Contact us for details.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Parkinson Pet Party on Zoom

After furry friends kept creeping into our Zoom meet-ups, the Hope Parkinson group decided to throw a virtual Pet Party to let them take center stage!

Parkinson Pet Party

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Pet Parades!

Pet Parade

Pet Parade Cape Coral

Pet Parade Lehigh Acres

Pet Parade IV

Pet Parade V

Hoagie Retires after Nearly a Decade of Dedicated Service

Hoagie became a Hope Pet Visitor in June of 2011. Throughout the years, his visits have brightened the day for the people in Hope's care - in nursing and rehabilitation facilities, in private homes, and at the Hope Care Center at HealthPark. It has been pure joy to watch him share his gentle spirit with patients, families, care providers, and staff.

Hoagie is planning to enjoy his retirement in Alva, relaxing on the front porch with family and furry friends in the shade of beautiful oak trees. It has been my honor and pleasure to accompany him on so many memorable visits and to serve as his chauffeur!
~Suzanne Grace, Hope Volunteer

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Urgent: Big Boy Mimi Needs a Family with a Big Heart!

Erika will soon be moving to live with her family caregiver in another state. We want to help Erika by finding a loving, new home for her cat, Mimi, as soon as possible.

Seven years ago, this handsome orange and white cat showed up on Erika’s door during a rainstorm. No longer a kitten, Mimi now weighs a whopping 23 pounds and has lots of love to give!

This neutered male cat is healthy but needs up-to-date vaccinations and a nail trim. Hope can help with both.

Mimi has a very independent personality. Decisions about lap sitting and petting are always up to him! He’s a verbal guy who responds when he is talked to, but he can be skittish with new people and new activities. Mimi would probably do well in a quiet home where he can gradually get comfortable. A new home with a screened area would be ideal, as he’s used to being allowed some “outdoor” time. He gets along well with at least one other cat, so he may fit into a new home with resident kitties.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Jake in His New Home

Jake has adapted well to his new home. He loves Cindy’s son, enjoys the new brand of food they're feeding him, and is always eager to steal table scraps when he can get away with it! Jake is a loving dog, waiting eagerly for evenings when he can snuggle in by someone’s side.

Cindy is also keeping in touch with Jake's original owner's family members to update them on his life. We're so happy that he found a perfect forever home!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Marlin Adopted and Other Success Stories

When John’s condition made it impossible to continue caring for Marlin, his two and a half-year-old dog, Hope’s Pet Program came to the rescue. We matched this energetic, fun-loving dog with a new family. After Dennis took Marlin home, they stopped at a family member’s home where he met other dogs. They spent the morning playing and running in the yard. At his new home, Marlin explored the backyard and played fetch. Dennis said he “found a great friend in Marlin.”

Our partners at Gulf Coast Humane Society were also instrumental in two other recent adoptions. Coco the dog found a wonderful new home, and YumYum the cat received a vet visit before being rehomed with a Hope staff member. Thank you to GCHS for their ongoing support and their kindness and compassion for our dearest animal friends!

The Comforting Power of Pets

This article appeared in our 2019 Wings of Hope magazine

James Herb is grateful for the Hope for Pets program. So are his nine cats. Once a month, Hope volunteer Barbara Hartnett delivers two 20-pound bags of food and three 20-pound containers of kitty litter to help James care for his pets.

And while there are nine felines in residence, James’ Schipperke Jackie clearly presides over the home, with bright eyes gleaming and a shiny medallion dangling from his collar to honor St. Francis, the patron saint of animals. “It’s all about the love,” said James as he patted Jackie’s head.

A hip replacement surgery at 76 set off a series of setbacks and deteriorating health. When he was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital after a checkup, James pleaded to be let go so he could return home to care for his animals. “They are great company and comfort to me,” said James.

Now 80, James spends most days at his Lehigh Acres home. Knowing Hope is there for him, and his pets, is also a comfort to James.

 “I can’t believe how much Hope has helped me. Their staff are such good people,” said James. “They’ve been with me since day one helping me through this trip I’m taking.”

Hope’s community partnerships with organizations such as Bayshore Animal Hospital and Gulf Coast Humane Society help people who, like James, want to keep their animals nearby, but need a hand caring for them.

In addition to providing care for animals, Hope for Pets will also rehome pets if necessary.

“We want to help be supportive to people at the end of life, and people’s pets provide comfort to them right until the end,” said Jennifer Galloway, Gulf Coast Humane Society’s executive director. “Hope does an amazing job finding placements for pets,” she said, “We sometimes help them with adoptions, or if they see an animal in need of medical care, we get them taken care of at the clinic.”

Jennifer said GCHS likes to work with organizations that provide much-needed services to the community. “Many of us on staff have had family members who have used Hope Hospice,” said Jennifer, whose father was with Hope before he passed. “What they do for the community at that time in someone’s life is so important. We want to help in any way we can to be supportive, and pets often provide their owners such comfort up until the end.”

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sunbathing Scruffy

Update March 27: Margaret and Ted brought Scruffy home yesterday, and her first night in their home was so much better than they could have expected! She slept at the foot of their bed. Margaret and Ted are in love with Scruffy already. Thank you to everyone who helped to spread the word!

Could your family benefit from a new furry friend during these challenging times?

After their mother’s passing, Rita’s daughters would be relieved to find Scruffy a happy new home.

Scruffy is an 8-year-old indoor cat who relishes time with people and spending time sunbathing on the lanai. She doesn’t mind the company of other cats or dogs. Although she is healthy, spayed, and microchipped, Scruffy will likely need updated vaccines and some grooming.

Rita’s daughters have offered to cover these costs for the adoptive family. Contact us for details.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Energetic Marlin

Update March 20: Marlin found a new home with Dennis!
Marlin is a 2 1/2-year-old medium-sized, mixed-breed dog. His energy would be well matched if your household has a member who would like a running companion, or if you have a large outdoor space. Marlin truly enjoys interactive play with people and/or other dogs. His current home includes access to a dog door and dog run. He might be a great addition if your family likes to do agility training!

He is well-behaved in the house. His owner describes him as having a very sweet disposition. Marlin appears to be an intelligent guy who likes to please and is easily trained.

Because of his energy level, Marlin’s family hopes that potential adopters have plenty of space for him to run and family members who can spend time exercising him. All vaccines are up to date with the exception of rabies. The expense of his rabies shot will be fully covered.