Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pet Visitor Happy to Visit Hospice Patients

New Hope volunteers Jim Nutt and Happy recently passed their review by Martha Hammond, who evaluates pets as potential visitors for our patients and families.

Happy is small and light and can easily sit atop anyone's lap. He has already made a lot of people happy!

Jim and Happy's ongoing volunteer assignments will include visiting with hospice patients who reside in local facilities.

Jewelry Sales Generate $200 Donation for Pet Peace of Mind

Hope volunteer Margot Hill creates and sells jewelry and donates a portion of the proceeds to Pet Peace of Mind.

One of Margot's venues for her jewelry sales is Tony Pham's #1 New York Nail, where her display includes Pet Peace of Mind brochures. Tony graciously donated the space free of charge.

Tony Pham of #1 New York Nail
Margot recently presented Hope with $200 donation, courtesy of Tony Pham from all the jewelry he sold this season.

We are grateful both to Tony and his wife, Tammy - as well as Margot Hill - for their kind and generous support!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Story to Cry For, by Hope Volunteer Jan A.

Since I’d been volunteering at Calusa, I would visit with a Hope patient named Joan. She was in her 90’s - debilitated, bedbound, and speaking mainly of the past as if it were the present. Joan loved Penny, and when I could, I’d carefully lay Penny next to her. Joan was in her glory; Penny was attentive and patient with her.
Hope Pet Volunteer Penny gives free kisses on request.
I left for Texas in October. When we came back after Christmas, Joan was no longer at Calusa. Her name was not on the door or on my list. I felt so sad, thinking she had passed while I was gone.

But when Penny and I were recently at Calusa, we were passing Joan’s old room, and I saw her! Her name was back on the door. Of course, Joan was unable to explain her absence. I just hugged her, then placed Penny on her bed facing her.

Joan said, “Give me a kiss, Penny” with tears in her eyes. Penny complied, then lay there looking at her face. Needless to say, I shed some tears, too.