Monday, December 22, 2014

Rescue for Roadie

Update Jan. 7: Jill and Ken took Roadie home; they report that although he is slowly making adjustments, they adore him and will do what is necessary to make him feel right at home. 

Roadie was rescued by Evangeline’s granddaughter, when he was hit by a car and left to die in the road. He has been with Evangeline for four years since, very protective and very distressed by her illness.

Evangeline passed away over the weekend and her children are hoping to find a new home for Roadie as they all have to return to their own homes out of state and country.

Roadie is a mixed breed, weighing about 22 pounds. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. He warms up quickly to new visitors. Roadie has been the only animal in his home but the daughter noted that when put together with her two dogs, he got along nicely. He is a dog that bonds closely.

Roadie would do well in a home by himself or with other dogs but it is unclear as to how he would react to cats and children.

Can you give Roadie a new home or help us find a new home for him? Roadie currently lives in Fort Myers and is eager to meet you.  Please ask for details on meeting Roadie at your convenience.

Hope can help pay for the initial vet needs, grooming, and start up supplies. If interested, please contact Colette at 985-7728.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh Baby, Baby!

Update Dec. 23: Baby found a new home with a schoolteacher and a Realtor. Thank you to everyone for spreading the word and helping us find a new home for Baby!

Ten year old Baby has enjoyed nearly a decade of wonderful years with her owner James. She is an indoor cat who is spayed with up-to-date rabies shots.

As James approaches the end of life, his caregiver is no longer able to lift and clean the kitty litter or to provide all the care that Baby needs. Could you find room in your home for James’ friend? Baby’s mellow personality would be a great fit for many households; though she has never lived with another pet, it may be possible to do so.

James and Baby are currently in Lehigh Acres, but please ask for details on meeting this special cat at your convenience.

Hope can help pay for the initial vet needs, grooming, and start up supplies.

Please contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.  If you know of someone who may be interested, help us by passing this information along.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pet Peace of Mind Progress Report

We are pleased to announce many success stories in our Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM) program. With community donations and many hours of work by our tireless volunteers, we have been able to:

  • Rehome 33 cats, 14 dogs, and 3 birds 
  • Provide food for 8 cats, 14 dogs, and 1 bird 
  • Spay or neuter 9 cats and 2 dogs 
  • Provide grooming for 1 cat and 8 dogs 
  • Provide exams, vaccinations and medicine for 13 cats and 40 dogs 

Thank you to everyone who has helped get our program up and running!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Exotic Snow Leopard Cat Who Loves Laps

Update December 18, 2014: Viscaya Blue-Snow found a new home. Thanks to everyone involved!

Viscaya Blue-Snow is a beautiful, male cat who is seven years old. He lost his owner in hospice, to whom he was very attached. He is a sweet and friendly cat and stayed by his owner’s side or on his lap for a long time. He is looking for a new best friend who will give him attention and lots of love! 

Viscaya is a sweet natured cat. He is an exotic Snow Leopard (a member of the Bengal cat family) and weighs about 10-12 pounds. This cat is in a home with four other cats and seems to feel crowded. He would be a great fit for a home where he is the only pet and for someone who likes lap cats and companionship.

Viscaya is white with gray markings and beautiful bright blue eyes. He is neutered, has had his front claws declawed and has had all of his shots. Hope can help you with start up supplies and support. Call for details.

Say Hola to Chico!

Update Nov. 24: Linda took Chico home and tells us he is settling in nicely, though her rat terrier has a little trepidation. Thank you to everyone who spread the word! 

Chico is a healthy, 6-month old male Chihuahua who is neutered with up-to-date shots. He has lived with his owner, Edward, since birth. Now that Edward is bedbound and unable to care for himself, he and his teenage children have moved in with a friend for care and support. Unfortunately, there are three other dogs in the home, and they all like to pick on Chico.

Edward is hoping to find a good forever home for Chico. The family believes that this cute puppy would do well in any setting, either a busy family with kids or a quiet home. He usually is good with other dogs and kids.

Would you consider giving Chico a second chance in a new home?

Hope can help pay for the initial vet needs, grooming, and start up supplies. If interested, please contact Colette at 985-7728.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Year Old Juliette Available for Adoption

Juliette is just over a year old. She is shy with new people, but once she warms up, she is very loving. She is an indoor and outdoor cat, but her preference is to be outdoors. Juliette has not had any shots, nor is she spayed. In fact, she has never been to a vet. She appears to be very healthy and sweet, though, and if you decide to give her a new home, Hope will be happy to get her ready for you to take home. We will provide the spaying, exam, vaccinations, grooming, start up supplies, and whatever else is needed. Call Colette at 985-7728.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sweety and Taz are a Purrrfect Pair

Update October 10: Both cats are moving to Georgia! Thanks to everyone who offered help.

Sarann left behind two beautiful cats, and her health care surrogate asked if we could help find them new homes.

Sweety is a 10-year old female cat who loves attention. Taz, a 7-year old male, is standoffish until he gets to know you. Afterwards, he'll let you rub his belly, something he really enjoys. Both are house trained, indoor cats, with up to date shots. They get along very well with each other.

Call Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Special Needs Pets Deserve Love Too


Update Feb 5: and Kismet and Sinbad went to a new home -- together!

Kismet, an 11 year old Blue Point Tonkinese, has an inflamed colon and requires an enema every few weeks to aide with bowel issues. Sinbad, her 10 year old sister, receives treatments for a skin allergy.

Kismet and Sinbad’s mom Marilyn wants to find a new home for these two before she declines further. Both indoor cats have gentle spirits, are spayed and current on vaccinations. Call Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kunneep, Precious and Sarabear

Update: New arrangements were made for all three cats.

Jonnie’s health is declining. She can no longer care for her three cats that have been with her since they were kittens. Jonnie is planning ahead and hoping that Pet Peace of Mind can help her rehome her three cats. The cats can stay together or they can go to different homes.

All three cats are very healthy. Hope can help pay for initial vet needs, grooming and start up supplies. Can you provide a new home for one or more of Jonnie’s cats? If interested, please contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Kunneep is a black and white, 18-year old female cat. She is spayed and declawed in front. She weighs about 6 pounds and is an indoor cat that is trained to use the kitty box. According to Jonnie, Kunneep is “the sweetest cat you will ever have in your life.”

Precious is a gray, 8-year old female cat. She is spayed and weighs about 14 pounds. She is an indoor cat, uses a litter box, and has all of her claws. Precious is shy but warms up easily.

Sarabear is a 7 year-old female cat. She is spayed and weighs about 7 pounds. She lives indoors, uses a litter box and has all of her claws. Sarabear is Precious’ half sister. She is attentive, sweet and gets attached easily.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Three Little Kittens Need Homes... and Names

Update: Two kittens were brought to P.A.W.S., the third was not found and may have found a new home in the area.

These almost 3 month old kittens are so young, they still don’t have names. A Hope patient was providing for them, as outdoor cats, but can no longer do so. A Pet Peace of Mind volunteer will surrender this threesome to P.A.W.S. (Pets are Worth Saving) on Tuesday, September 9th.

Can you rescue one or more of these kittens before September 9th? You can make our patient very happy knowing that his little friends have already found an excellent – and permanent - home.

Hope will pay for the initial vet needs, grooming, and start up supplies. If interested, please contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Find a Home for Tiger

Update: A pet lover took Tiger home and is still working on finding a permanent family for this loving cat.

Tiger is a 7 ½ year old male tabby cat. He is a house cat, declawed, and up to date on all vaccinations.  He is shy, but friendly once he gets to know you, so he would be best suited to being the only cat in the home.

Tiger lives with his owner, Lynetta, and her father, Jack in Fort Myers. They're moving out of state into a small apartment that is not pet-friendly. Unfortunately, Tiger cannot join them.

Would you give Tiger a new home? Please contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pet Pantry in Progress

Hope volunteers lent their support to the Pet Peace of Mind program in August as they rallied together to assemble shelves and arrange the pet pantry in Hope’s Community Center. Pictured here, Paula Clegg (front) and Melanie Winnicker (back) were both instrumental in getting this special project off the ground. John and Nona Kirkpatrick put up the shelves and moved rearranged the office space. Once again, we are so impressed with the dedication of our PPOM volunteers!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A PPOM Success Story! Helping Mollie

Richard’s dog, Mollie, had swollen glands. But because Richard was struggling to make ends meet, he couldn't afford to pay for the veterinarian services which would give Mollie the help she needed. Hope's Pet Peace of Mind Program came to the rescue, coordinating care with Cape Coral Pet Vet.

Through the generosity of donors like you, Hope covered the costs of the Mollie's anal gland medical treatment. We're happy to report that Mollie is on the mend and feeling much better!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Updates on Buddy's Adoption from Sandie B.

Buddy is everyone's dream dog. He's so full of pep when he's not sleeping. No one can believe he's over 11 years old. He loves chewing on his knuckle bone which we picked up at a local food store. He also has a couple of cloth toys that squeak. Boy, does he love when we pull on them and he can "fight" us for possession!

Buddy enjoys being up here because we have a nice screened room - he can sit in and watch people walk by and bark to say "hello."

We just love this guy to pieces and wonder how we ever made it without him. Thank you guys for having this program. All animals deserve someone to love them.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Go Nuts for Peanut!

UPDATE July 16: Linda passed away in her own home early last evening with Peanut by her side. Minutes later, Hope volunteer Pat O’Hare arrived at the door, where Peanut greeted her with a wagging tail - and the two traveled to a shelter for temporary boarding. Fortunately Peanut was not there long, as Nikki called to say that she wanted to give Peanut a new, quiet home. Nikki had lost her own dog recently. We hope that Peanut and Nikki can heal each other's hearts as they form new bonds of companionship and love.

Our patient Linda can no longer take care of her beloved Peanut. Peanut has been her family for the past 15 years, and she needs peace of mind - knowing that Peanut is going to a new loving home.

Peanut is a 15 year old female Jack Russell. She is spayed, house broken, gentle and kind. She rarely barks. She is established with a local vet, her shots are up-to-date and she is very healthy.

We hope to find a new home for Peanut as soon as possible. Peanut is used to being in a quiet household and due to her age, should go to a similar household.

Contact Colette at (239) 985-7728 or pass this information along to anyone you know who may be interested in adopting this sweet dog!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Update on Manja's Adoption

A Note from Manja's New Family:

Manja is all settled in. His favorite things to do are snuggle, play, and explore his new home. When I am home he often follows me around the house and comes when I call him. He is very friendly and greets family and friends when they come by for a visit. We love him very much. Thank you Pet Peace of Mind Program for this new addition to our family.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can you rescue Chester and Hope before Saturday?

Update May 5, 2014: Chester and Hope found a new home together. Val reports that both cats are adjusting well to their new environment and they are enjoying nestling under her comforter.

If you can offer temporary boarding or a permanent home, we need your help!

These two year old kitties are litter mates, who would be happy to be adopted together. Chester is a 10 pound black cat, quite slender in appearance, who likes to climb and use his scratching post. Hope is gray with a white belly and weighs about 7 pounds. They are indoor cats and litterbox-trained. Both still have their claws, Chester is neutered, Hope is spayed, both have up-to-date shots and are flea free.

Chester and Hope usually relish an evening romp, playing together with cat toys. They also enjoy the company of their family’s small dog. Neither Hope nor Chester has experience around children, but both cats will sleep with their owner.

 Please consider giving these two a place to stay until we find them a permanent home. Or, you could be the one to give them a new home – forever!

Call Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Special Savannah Cat is Ready for Love

Update April 25: Tamara has adopted Manja! We hope he enjoys his new home.

Manja Jose is a 5 and a half year old male Savannah cat. These exotic cats have beautiful markings, slender bodies and big ears. As a Savannah cat, Manja is one of the newest breeds in the world! He does not have official papers, but his family believes he is at least an F5 generation of the breed.

Manja has a wonderful disposition. He loves attention, is playful and inquisitive. He is friendly and affectionate with his family’s small dog, and he sleeps with his owner each night. He is up to date on all immunizations and veterinary care. His front paws are declawed.

Manja’s family also has four other cats. Though they love Manja, they feel it is not fair to limit him to small areas of the house because of the other cats’ behaviors. They hope Manja can find a new family who could provide him with a whole home to roam!

Manja would be an ideal solo cat, or he may be a good companion to an existing cat, if properly introduced. Adopters with knowledge of the breed, the behaviors and needs would be an ideal match.

Manja’s family would like to meet potential adopters in their home, which is located in southwest Cape Coral. If for any reason Manja does not fit in his new adoptive home, the family will be happy to take him back into their care.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Update on Kenzi's New Home

Kenzi is the star of her neighborhood! Family and friends come by and offer to take her for a walk. The neighbors stop to pet her and some cross the street, intentionally to say hello and offer a scratch. Kenzi is very social and loves to be around people. She is a good eater on a structured eating schedule and healthy diet. On June 7, she will celebrate her 14th birthday.

Lois (her adopter) said - with great emotion - that Kenzi is the best thing to come into their lives. She is the perfect match, and Lois is very thankful to Hope for bringing them together.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jeep & Joey, Purebred Poms, Want Your Love

Update: Kim took both of the dogs home and reports that Jeep is a love - Joey, who has been grieving, is now coming around!

Jeep and Joey are 9 year old purebred Pomeranians from the same litter. They are well-groomed, flea free, neutered dogs, with up-to-date shots.

Jeep is the affectionate lap dog who loves to be loved on. Joey is the alpha dog who was very protective of his owner and acts as a good guard dog, barking when there seems to be a threat. Once he warms up to you, he is very affectionate too.

Jeep and Joey's dad recently passed away under the care of Hope Hospice, and they are looking for a new home before Thursday, April 10. They live on Fort Myers Beach, but we can help with arrangements to meet the dogs to see if one or both will be a perfect fit for your family!

Hope's Pet Peace of Mind program helps new adopters get started with supplies and support. Please call (239) 985-7728 to meet these adorable dogs.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Celebrate with Us! PPOM Success Stories

Our hospice patient Carol was feeding her three large birds from her cupboards with her own canned food. Alerted to Carol's financial difficulties, Hope's Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM) program stepped in. Volunteers Emily and Tino pick up and delivery bird food and apples every month. Carol and her birds can now rest easy knowing that they will never run out of food.

A sweet puppy was recently on the run in a local neighborhood and found himself in the loving arms of a hospice patient. Our patient was so overwhelmed by his diagnosis that he wasn't sure if he'd be able to adopt this friendly little puppy. But PPOM was able to deliver a ‘doggy bag’ full of helpful supplies like a collar, leash, dog food and other goodies. The patient expressed an overwhelming appreciation for our program and how we came to his aid just when he needed it most!

Our patients Frances, Erika and Sherry now receive monthly supplies of cat food. This support for their beloved pets allows them to focus on their own health and well-being.

Meet Baxter and Marilyn Monroe

Diane passed away recently, leaving Baxter and Marilyn Monroe behind. Can you find a home for these two cats? They are both very sweet and good with other cats.

Baxter is a Russian Blue male. Marilyn Monroe is an orange tabby. Both have all of their claws, are neutered/spayed, are indoor/outdoor cats and are up-to-date on their shots.

Baxter and Marilyn Monroe can go to new homes together or separately.

For more information, contact Rick at (239)-368-6946.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Give Owner Doris Peace of Mind by Adopting Her Cat Family

UPDATE May 5, 2014: Sweet Pea and Pepe have a new home! Patti brought Sweet Pea and Pepe home this past weekend and shares that the cats are the most loving cats she has ever been around. Doris’ son also found homes for Sissy and Snow Bell.

Can you help Doris find a new home for her cat family? Doris is planning ahead to find a new home for her cats after she's gone. She’d like to keep them with her as long as possible, but knowing their future home is in place would give her peace of mind.

Doris is open to different homes for these four, but she would much prefer for a new owner to keep them together - as they have always been.

Sissy is the mother cat. She is 7 years old, 9.5 pounds, all white with grey on her head. She was an abandoned cat that Doris fed and eventually, she became an indoor cat that was pregnant. She has a pleasant personality, can be a bit shy, still has all of her claws, and is a lap cat.

All three of the cats from Sissy’s litter are 5 years old, friendly and playful. Their front paws are declawed. Their shots are up to date.

Snow Bell is an all white neutered male, 14 pounds, considered the ‘old soul’ of the group. He loves to play and is the first one out to greet a guest.

Sweet Pea is a female calico that is spayed. She weighs in at 8 pounds. She is the sweetest of all the cats and she likes to ‘talk’.

Pepe is a white male cat with grey ‘eye brows’. He is neutered, weighs 9 pounds and has long legs.

Please help us find a new home for one, two, three or all four of these cats. Hope can help you with supplies and support. If interested, please call Doris at (239) 540-5917.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Pair of Purrrfection: Stormy and Midnight

Shelia was admitted to hospice and is now compelled to leave the area on Friday, February 2. She is unable to take her two cats along.

Can you give Midnight and Stormy a new home? They are 9 year old brothers, have always been together and have always lived indoors. They are very friendly, loving and healthy. Both are neutered.

Stormy and Midnight must be kept together. When separated, they display moody behavior.

If you can’t provide a permanent home for Midnight and Stormy, would you be able give them a temporary place to stay while we search for their new family?

Hope can assist those offering adoption or temporary boarding with supplies and support. If you can take these cats home, or you know of someone who can, write to

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mariette and the Italian Greyhounds

A patient's wife won a free vacation, but with limited resources they didn't have the ability to board their two greyhounds. A volunteer, Mariette, who once owned an Italian Greyhound of her own, offered to give these sweet dogs a temporary home for the week. The patient received respite care at a Hope Hospice House, while his wife enjoyed a much-needed cruise - and the dogs enjoyed cuddle time on the couch with Mariette!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Inga and Milo Lost Their Mom - Can You Help?

Update Jan 24: Inga and Milo have found a new home with Bonnie, one of Hope’s volunteers!

Inga and Milo were rescue cats who were the only companions of one of our hospice patients. After ten years together, they lost their mother and need your love.

These two healthy and friendly cats are currently being fed by friendly neighbors in the Del Tura Country Club.

Can you adopt Inga, a spayed and declawed calico female?

Or Milo, a neutered, black and white male cat who is good with other pets?

Call Colette at (239) 985-7728 to add one or both of these friendly faces to your family.

Prissy, Mr. Willow and Ms. Katie are Looking for Love

These three beautiful pets belong to Lisa - a young woman who lost her husband a year ago and will no longer have a home for them to stay together.

These pets can be adopted as a group or individually. The cats are very used to being together because this brother and sister were from the same litter.

Prissy is a 9.5 year old full bred Sheltie. She has a kind, relaxed disposition and loves being with family. Prissy enjoys being petted and getting attention. She has some minor hip arthritis, but it doesn't hold her back. She's allergic to bees and requires an epi shot if stung. She is finicky with food but is very healthy. Prissy has given birth to one litter of puppies, and she is not spayed. Her microchip is from the Eastside Animal Hospital, and she is up to date on her shots.

Mr. Willow and Ms. Katie (below) are Hemingway cats with more than five toes. They were part of Lisa's family for over 13 years. This brother and sister pair are outdoor cats who only come inside when it's cold or rainy - or to get their food and water. They still have their natural claws. Neither of them likes seafood or seafood cat food. Both cats have been spayed/neutered.

Mr. Willow (above) is an all black male cat. He loves to cuddle -- but please don't touch his belly! He has a talkative personality and will charm you with his meows.

Ms. Katie (above) is a brown and black female cat with 7 front and 5 back claws. She is lovable and shy, craving attention. She loves to sit on a lap. Ms. Katie can be skittish during storms or when confronted by children or large dogs.

Do you want to adopt Prissy, Mr. Willow or Ms. Katie? Hope can help get you started with supplies and support.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gavin and Lexi - Friends For Life

At 11 years old, Lexi got a tumor on his leg, but his family didn't have the financial resources to provide a cure. Through a partnership with a local vet and with funds raised from generous Pet Peace of Mind donors, we were able to make arrangements for Lexi's surgery.

Reunited, Lexi and Gavin are happy together at home!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bear Bear Meets His Match

Bear Bear was an abandoned kitty that was a spunky companion for one of our patients. This rambunctious 6 month old kitten needed a new home, and Hope's Pet Peace of Mind came to the rescue. Bear Bear's new family includes a 2 year old toddler, so Bear Bear has a playmate who shares his active lifestyle!