Monday, November 30, 2015

Special Needs Dog, Buddy, Needs a Loving Caretaker

Buddy’s life changed when he met Pauline. As a 5-year old miniature pinscher rescue, he soon became more confident, playful and loving. Now 10 years old, Buddy is deaf and has limited vision – but these handicaps don’t affect his loving attitude and desire for engagement with humans, cats and other dogs.

After Pauline’s passing, Buddy is grieving and anxious. His current energy is probably related to the recent upheaval in the household, and we expect he would benefit from a stable, happy home.

If you are unfamiliar with Buddy’s breed, you may be surprised to learn that he’s not just a small Doberman pinscher - but rather a separate breed, part of the AKC toy group. These dogs tend to be energetic, indoor dogs who like creature comforts - like a warm bed to snuggle in. Their average lifespan is 12-14 years.

Despite his few challenges, Buddy is a healthy dog and has received excellent veterinary care during his life with Pauline. Maybe your family could be help him re-adapt and live the happy life he deserves. If you’ve had experience with a special needs pet, you appreciate how gratifying they can be. Please help save Buddy, and heal his broken heart!

Hope can help you with start up supplies and support. Call 239-985-7728.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Keep Samson and Delilah Together Forever

During Catherine’s long life, she took great pride in supporting local animal shelters and rescues. She adopted Samson and Delilah as kittens about 7 years ago. Before she passed, Catherine shared her wish that these two adorable cats find a home together with someone who loves them as much as she did.

These indoor cats are siblings who have always been together. Samson, the more adventuresome one, provides the comic relief with his antics. He is a "buddy" to anyone who enters the home. Delilah is more cautious and prefers quietly sitting on laps. Both cats are in excellent health and have received regular vet care. Their records will be available to a new owner.

To adopt, contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Monday, November 16, 2015

This Quiet Beauty Needs Your Loving Care

Update 11-23: Toni (one of our hospice nurses) and her two dogs, met and welcomed Franny into their lives. We hear that she is content in her new home!

After spending her entire life with Saralee, sweet Franny is now looking for a new home. We know Saralee would have wanted her best friend to find love once again.

Franny is an 8-year old female golden lab and shepherd mix, weighing about 60 pounds. She is spayed, housetrained, and well behaved. Franny’s calm nature is a perfect match for most homes; she is quiet and gets along well with both cats and dogs. She is a good walker and is used to ringing a string of bells when she needs to go outside.

Franny  is up to date with her vaccinations and vet records are available for her new family.

Would you consider bringing Franny home? Hope can help with start up costs. Contact Colette at 985-7728.