Friday, November 21, 2014

Pet Peace of Mind Progress Report

We are pleased to announce many success stories in our Pet Peace of Mind (PPOM) program. With community donations and many hours of work by our tireless volunteers, we have been able to:

  • Rehome 33 cats, 14 dogs, and 3 birds 
  • Provide food for 8 cats, 14 dogs, and 1 bird 
  • Spay or neuter 9 cats and 2 dogs 
  • Provide grooming for 1 cat and 8 dogs 
  • Provide exams, vaccinations and medicine for 13 cats and 40 dogs 

Thank you to everyone who has helped get our program up and running!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Exotic Snow Leopard Cat Who Loves Laps

Update December 18, 2014: Viscaya Blue-Snow found a new home. Thanks to everyone involved!

Viscaya Blue-Snow is a beautiful, male cat who is seven years old. He lost his owner in hospice, to whom he was very attached. He is a sweet and friendly cat and stayed by his owner’s side or on his lap for a long time. He is looking for a new best friend who will give him attention and lots of love! 

Viscaya is a sweet natured cat. He is an exotic Snow Leopard (a member of the Bengal cat family) and weighs about 10-12 pounds. This cat is in a home with four other cats and seems to feel crowded. He would be a great fit for a home where he is the only pet and for someone who likes lap cats and companionship.

Viscaya is white with gray markings and beautiful bright blue eyes. He is neutered, has had his front claws declawed and has had all of his shots. Hope can help you with start up supplies and support. Call for details.

Say Hola to Chico!

Update Nov. 24: Linda took Chico home and tells us he is settling in nicely, though her rat terrier has a little trepidation. Thank you to everyone who spread the word! 

Chico is a healthy, 6-month old male Chihuahua who is neutered with up-to-date shots. He has lived with his owner, Edward, since birth. Now that Edward is bedbound and unable to care for himself, he and his teenage children have moved in with a friend for care and support. Unfortunately, there are three other dogs in the home, and they all like to pick on Chico.

Edward is hoping to find a good forever home for Chico. The family believes that this cute puppy would do well in any setting, either a busy family with kids or a quiet home. He usually is good with other dogs and kids.

Would you consider giving Chico a second chance in a new home?

Hope can help pay for the initial vet needs, grooming, and start up supplies. If interested, please contact Colette at 985-7728.