Monday, November 30, 2015

Special Needs Dog, Buddy, Needs a Loving Caretaker

Buddy’s life changed when he met Pauline. As a 5-year old miniature pinscher rescue, he soon became more confident, playful and loving. Now 10 years old, Buddy is deaf and has limited vision – but these handicaps don’t affect his loving attitude and desire for engagement with humans, cats and other dogs.

After Pauline’s passing, Buddy is grieving and anxious. His current energy is probably related to the recent upheaval in the household, and we expect he would benefit from a stable, happy home.

If you are unfamiliar with Buddy’s breed, you may be surprised to learn that he’s not just a small Doberman pinscher - but rather a separate breed, part of the AKC toy group. These dogs tend to be energetic, indoor dogs who like creature comforts - like a warm bed to snuggle in. Their average lifespan is 12-14 years.

Despite his few challenges, Buddy is a healthy dog and has received excellent veterinary care during his life with Pauline. Maybe your family could be help him re-adapt and live the happy life he deserves. If you’ve had experience with a special needs pet, you appreciate how gratifying they can be. Please help save Buddy, and heal his broken heart!

Hope can help you with start up supplies and support. Call 239-985-7728.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Keep Samson and Delilah Together Forever

During Catherine’s long life, she took great pride in supporting local animal shelters and rescues. She adopted Samson and Delilah as kittens about 7 years ago. Before she passed, Catherine shared her wish that these two adorable cats find a home together with someone who loves them as much as she did.

These indoor cats are siblings who have always been together. Samson, the more adventuresome one, provides the comic relief with his antics. He is a "buddy" to anyone who enters the home. Delilah is more cautious and prefers quietly sitting on laps. Both cats are in excellent health and have received regular vet care. Their records will be available to a new owner.

To adopt, contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Monday, November 16, 2015

This Quiet Beauty Needs Your Loving Care

Update 11-23: Toni (one of our hospice nurses) and her two dogs, met and welcomed Franny into their lives. We hear that she is content in her new home!

After spending her entire life with Saralee, sweet Franny is now looking for a new home. We know Saralee would have wanted her best friend to find love once again.

Franny is an 8-year old female golden lab and shepherd mix, weighing about 60 pounds. She is spayed, housetrained, and well behaved. Franny’s calm nature is a perfect match for most homes; she is quiet and gets along well with both cats and dogs. She is a good walker and is used to ringing a string of bells when she needs to go outside.

Franny  is up to date with her vaccinations and vet records are available for her new family.

Would you consider bringing Franny home? Hope can help with start up costs. Contact Colette at 985-7728.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Kudos to Volunteer Darlean Johnson

Darlean Johnson has been a volunteer at Hope since August of 2014. For the past two months, she has been helping our pet program by delivering supplies from our pet pantry in Lehigh Acres to our offices in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers. Other volunteers then take items directly to those in need. Join us in thanking Darlean for her hard work!

Halloween Pet Parade

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Young Lab Mix is Looking for Love

Update Oct 22: Annie went home with Nora and her family.  They took Annie to the pet store to buy a new harness and food and she was “amazingly well behaved.” 

At home, Annie joined Tiger, a large cat that the family had previously rescued from a hospice patient who had to move into a smaller, non-pet friendly home.  The family reports that though Tiger was a little grumpy about the new dog, he’s doing well.  He is safe and happy and enjoying his new home. 

A special thanks goes to Dr. Ernie Blum and his staff, at My Pet’s Vet.  They not only worked with Hope to get both pets’ vet records up to date, they took Tiger in as their office cat, until Nora came along to bring him home.

Thanks to everyone who spread the word and helped both of these pets find new homes!

Margaret rescued Annie from Animal Services when she was just over a year old. Although these two were loving friends, Margaret's declining health prevented her from keeping Annie during her transition to intensive care. Annie is staying temporarily with Margaret’s neighbors.

We want to find Annie a new home to let Margaret know that she will have a wonderful future!

Annie is a loving, timid, indoor dog who wants nothing more than to spend every waking moment with her person. Fetching a ball and going on walks are her favorite activities. She is leash trained, adores car rides and has received all regular vet care. She currently needs a nail trim. An adoptive home without a lot of activity would be a perfect fit.
  • Spayed female, Labrador mix
  • 3 years old, born October 13, 2012
  • Weighs about 45 pounds
Annie's new owner will receive support from Hope, including all her previous vet records, food (Nutra), and 50 # container - as well as leashes and beds.

If you are interested in adopting Annie, please contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pantry Update

Our Pet Peace of Mind Pet Pantry outgrew its original location - we've now secured a larger space in Lehigh so we can keep helping more people as the program continues to grow!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Pet Nuptials Celebrated in Bonita Springs

From 2013: Smiley Namath, son of Joe and Pat Namath and Sami Nelson, daughter of Kay Nelson, were recently wed in holy matrimony at Joanne’s House in Bonita Springs. Chaplain Dennis Wilson officiated, and many delighted onlookers served as witnesses. Best wishes to the happy couple!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our Pet Pantry is Looking Good - Thanks to You!

We have been so touched by the outpouring of support for our Pet Peace of Mind program. Donations have enabled us to fill the pet pantry with vital supplies for our patients with pets.

Many items in this photo were delivered to 20 families during June deliveries.

Thank you again for your generous gifts!

Children Love Pet Visitors Too!

When the Junior League of Fort Myers hosted a Family Fun Day for the children of our Partners in Care program, everyone really enjoyed visits from volunteer pets.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Power Duo: Mike and Mocha at Evans

For the past 3 years, Hope volunteers Mike Everett and Mocha have been visiting Evans HealthCare.

While walking down the halls, one can hear, “Hi Mike!” or “Oh, there’s Mocha!” For those who cannot talk, they simply reach out their hands, expressing the desire to pet Mocha.

Mike and Mocha make it a point to visit with hospice patients, but they don't stop there - they walk the halls, ready to meet with anyone who is interested in a visit.

They have delightful visits those who want to chat or pet Mocha's soft fur.

Join us in thanking this awesome volunteer team - Mike and Mocha!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pet Visitor Happy to Visit Hospice Patients

New Hope volunteers Jim Nutt and Happy recently passed their review by Martha Hammond, who evaluates pets as potential visitors for our patients and families.

Happy is small and light and can easily sit atop anyone's lap. He has already made a lot of people happy!

Jim and Happy's ongoing volunteer assignments will include visiting with hospice patients who reside in local facilities.

Jewelry Sales Generate $200 Donation for Pet Peace of Mind

Hope volunteer Margot Hill creates and sells jewelry and donates a portion of the proceeds to Pet Peace of Mind.

One of Margot's venues for her jewelry sales is Tony Pham's #1 New York Nail, where her display includes Pet Peace of Mind brochures. Tony graciously donated the space free of charge.

Tony Pham of #1 New York Nail
Margot recently presented Hope with $200 donation, courtesy of Tony Pham from all the jewelry he sold this season.

We are grateful both to Tony and his wife, Tammy - as well as Margot Hill - for their kind and generous support!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Story to Cry For, by Hope Volunteer Jan A.

Since I’d been volunteering at Calusa, I would visit with a Hope patient named Joan. She was in her 90’s - debilitated, bedbound, and speaking mainly of the past as if it were the present. Joan loved Penny, and when I could, I’d carefully lay Penny next to her. Joan was in her glory; Penny was attentive and patient with her.
Hope Pet Volunteer Penny gives free kisses on request.
I left for Texas in October. When we came back after Christmas, Joan was no longer at Calusa. Her name was not on the door or on my list. I felt so sad, thinking she had passed while I was gone.

But when Penny and I were recently at Calusa, we were passing Joan’s old room, and I saw her! Her name was back on the door. Of course, Joan was unable to explain her absence. I just hugged her, then placed Penny on her bed facing her.

Joan said, “Give me a kiss, Penny” with tears in her eyes. Penny complied, then lay there looking at her face. Needless to say, I shed some tears, too.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Help Joan with Young Peanut

Update 5/11/2015: After losing her beloved cat, Betty wanted to open her heart and her home to a new furry friend.  Betty heard about Peanut through a Hope volunteer, and they were a perfect match after their first meeting. Peanut and all his belongings went home with Betty. His prior owner, Joan, told us that she was relieved. This special adoption provided true “Peace of Mind” when it was needed most. 

Joan was elated to adopt Peanut last Thanksgiving, but sadly with her recent health problems, she feels it would now be best for Peanut to have a new home. As a long-time supporter of cat rescue events, Joan truly hopes that someone will return the favor – coming to the rescue to give this delightful cat what he deserves. Joan would love to tell a new owner all about Peanut and could do this in the comfort of her lanai, some evening after supper.

More about Peanut

  • Male cat weighing 9 pounds, approximately 9 months to 1 year old
  • Best described as “loving” – comes when called and readily engages in playtime
  • Prefers canned food with gravy or sauce and an occasional treat of tuna fish
  • Had regular vet care with up-to-date vaccinations
  • Has a microchip that can be changed to a new owner’s information
  • Fully litter trained

Call Colette at (239) 985-7728 to get started.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tagalong Needs a New Lap to Sit in

Update 4/27: Tagalong went home with Tujuana, then he  ran away. Thanks to his microchip and the kind woman who found him, they were able to reunite Tagalong with Alethea’s daughter.  He was so happy to see her, she cried, and decided in that moment that Tagalong needed to remain at home with her. We’re happy to report, that Tagalong now has a permanent home with Alethea’s daughter!

Tagalong is a 7 pound Chihuahua. He has been with Alethea since he was a puppy. He has proven to be aptly named because he has "tagged along" with her as a constant companion and lap sitter since she got him in 2004. Alethea recently passed away, and Tag remains with her daughter - but work and children's schedules keep her away from home for long hours. While the daughter loves Tag, she feels he would be happier with someone who is home more often, as that is what he is used to.

Don't let his age fool you; he is healthy and playful when engaged with toys. He loves attention and is a definite lap sitter. He has had regular vet care and a full physical in 2013. He is due for a rabies shot which Hospice can assist with. He is neutered.

This little guy may have many more years to love and be loved. Alethea's daughter would feel better about seeing him go to a home where there is someone there to give him more attention.

Could you be his new best friend? Call Colette at 239-985-7728.

Bonita Spring Fling and Doggie Parade

Ernie Klein volunteers as the Easter Bunny

A special doggie cake to celebrate

Volunteer Pam Hoctel made these delicious treats
as well as the cake for the dogs to eat!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Tearful Triumph: Made Possible by Volunteers

One of our hospice patients wasn't responding to any of questions or even opening her eyes. This lady was shutting out the world. She had been confined to her bed since coming to Hope. Even after being transferred to a chair, she still wouldn't respond, keeping her eyes closed.

Then, in came volunteer Jan M. with her dog Bella. Jan asked if she could come in and talk to this lady. We told the patient there was a beautiful Shih Tzu puppy here to see her. Bella was lifted into her lap... then our patient opened her eyes, gave us a huge smile and told Bella she was such a cute dog. Everyone was almost in tears, it was so good to see her happy and responding to life.

We are so grateful to Jan and Bella for all they do here at Hope. They - and all of our volunteers - truly do make a difference.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Whiskey - A Constant Companion

Submitted by Sandy Walker:

My cat, Brandy, of 18 years had just died, and both Phil and I were devastated. About two months into this very sad time, my daughter took both of us to adopt another cat. We did. Prior to going, a friend said, "let the cat pick you, if it follows you, it will love you." Well, this red-haired tabby followed me the whole time we were there.

We took him home, named him Whiskey, and he turned around and adopted Phil. This was just about the time Phil's disease was worsening, and it was like Whiskey knew. He followed Phil like he was a dog. It was the cutest and most uplifting, wonderful interaction that you could imagine.

Then when Phil died, Whiskey never missed a beat. He came right back to me. If I cried, he patted me with his paw. If I sat still and quiet, he laid on my feet. When I laid in my bed, he 
was right beside me looking in my face. If I went next door for coffee with a neighbor, he sat outside their house. 

I was in awe of this wonderful animal that had a soul. So I know firsthand for both myself and my husband the beneficial therapy that emanates from having a loving pet. I'm honored to be a part of it. 

After Phil died, I went to live with my daughter, my son and his wife. Whiskey loved his new home. He was the happiest cat in the world. Four months ago, we found him on the steps - fluffy as ever - but gone. He finished his job, and he went back to Phil. 

Sandy Walker for Phillip
May 12, 1940 - February 3, 2013 
Whiskey Walker 
May 3, 2011 - December 29, 2014 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bluebell's Story: Helping at Hope PACE

Ruth's dementia left her with a fear of travel. She couldn't remember where she'd be going - or even a reason for going in the first place. With these uncertainties in mind, she always resisted getting on the Hope bus at our PACE Center.

Although Ruth is sometimes troubled, she always warms up to pet visitor Bluebell. There's no stress, no misunderstandings, just a kind wag of the tail.

To overcome her travel fears, the Hope team asked Ruth if she could help her furry friend, Bluebell, onto the bus. The two boarded the bus together - naturally and easily, without a hitch!

Bluebell calmly sat by Ruth's side for a few minutes before getting off again. What might have been a stressful moment became one to celebrate.

Pet visitors like Bluebell are an essential part of Pet Peace of Mind. Thanks to community donations, we can provide this unique support for those who need it most.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Why Give to Pet Peace of Mind?

Here's what some of our donors had to say:

"When my husband, Frank, was in Joanne’s House, we were allowed to bring our dog, Gus, to visit. It was a great comfort to both of us to have Gus there. I think it also helped Gus transition to our life without “Dad.” I was so grateful to be allowed to have him with us. It made a very sad and stressful time a little more bearable."
- Kelly Morton

"I am making a gift to Hope’s PPOM program because every individual in your care should not have to worry about who is taking care of their pet - or whether or not they are being fed in their absence. They should have pet peace of mind in their last moments."
- Joanne Siewierski

"Four days before Joan died, a little dog “Caesar” visited Joan along with her daughter-in-law from Orlando. Over a couple of days, Caesar spent several hours on the bed with Joan. When the time came to leave, Caesar was hesitant to do so. Normally he is ready to go. With a “let’s go” command, without prodding, he offered his paw to Joan, as if to say goodbye."
- Thomas Monroe

"At all times of loss in my life, my pets have been a comfort and a reason to face each day. They are truly gifts from God."
- Vonceil Franklin

"Pets make our lives more meaningful. They love us unconditionally and ask for so little in return – love, protection and to be fed. Even at the end of life they offer hope, love and companionship. Both pets and owners deserve to be together and continue to deserve that bond."
- Linda Stevenson Rosenal

"The love and joy our two dogs gave my husband, who was under hospice care, cannot be measured. I hope my small gift helps brings joy to someone in need."
- Joyce Crawley

"My mother was in your hospice for the final days of her life. You allowed her pet Holly to stay in bed with her; we knew she knew Holly was with her. Holly now lives with me, and she is a constant reminder of my mother's love."
- James Gregor

"I am so grateful for the wonderful care my father received at Hope Hospice. My 13 year old dog just passed away, and I imagine him with my father now. This donation is a small way to remember them both and to help others."
- Linda Tague

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pantry Progress Report

Volunteers Mary Dobstaff, Melanie Winnicker and Paula Clegg are heading out to make pet food deliveries for Pet Peace of Mind! 

This special team is growing. We need volunteers to work out of our North Fort Myers Community Center, helping organize the pantry and making monthly pet food deliveries. To learn more, call Colette at (239) 985-7728.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stress Relief: PPOM to the Rescue!

Our patient needed to stay at a Hope Hospice House - leaving behind Bella and Saint, her two large, rambunctious dogs. The daughter, Stacey, was going over to feed and care for them. But Stacey's crazy schedule already included visiting her mother at the Hospice House, taking care of her elderly grandmother, nursing her own dog with epilepsy - as well as keeping everything in order at work and at home!

Stacey was really stressed.

Fortunately, PPOM arranged for Bella and Saint to stay with a professional boarder. They worked on behavior management with the dogs, and also taught Stacey some tips and tricks. Both dogs were examined and vaccinated at a local vet.

After her mother passed away, Stacey took comfort in taking the dogs home. She said, "This is what my mother wanted. Thank you so much for helping make this happen!"

Your Donations Made It Possible! Through gifts from our generous donors, we were able to pay for Bella and Saint's boarding and veterinary bills as well as e-collars and crates.

Thank you for helping us provide true Peace of Mind!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

PPOM Supporter Badge to Share on Social Media

If you've given a gift to support our program, please spread the word by posting the badge to your social media profiles...

Remember, every gift helps us continue this important work!

  • $25 Snuggle Sponsor, send a pet visitor to bring joy to someone in our care
  • $50 Pantry Partner, stock our pet pantry with food, toys, and essential supplies
  • $75 Smile Supporter, provide classes and materials to start-up new Hope volunteers
  • $100 Pet Patron, help with medical fees required to keep pets healthy and happy

Monday, January 19, 2015

Unique Jewelry Sales Benefit Pet Peace of Mind Program

Margot Hill and her dog, Bing, are Hope volunteers. Margot has a passion for both animals and jewelry making, and so every year, she donates a portion of her jewelry sales to our Pet Peace of Mind program. This year, Margot raised $500 to help hospice patients stay safely at home with their pets! These funds allow us to provide financial assistance with vet bills, pet food and supplies.