Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Visitors Binkie, Tootie and Helen

Binkie and Tootie get so excited when Helen says, “Are you girls ready to go to work?” They race to the car and are always happy to visit at Hope. This friendly trio gets many comments from the guests and residents at the Hospice House. Some say “you made my day!” or “they’re so adorable!” So often, someone who Helen, Binkie, and Tootie are visiting will reminisce about the time they enjoyed with their own dogs. Helen says, “What a joy it is to see someone’s eyes light up with a smile on their face when we enter the room.” For those who would like the puppies to join them on the bed, it is amazing how easily Binkie and Tootie cuddle up in the blankets and enjoy simply being loved. There is nothing like a soft, warm little body to bring comfort.

Itty Bitty Mr. Kitty

Update March 2, 2017: Tera picked up Mr. Kitty and took him home to her grandparents who have experience with cats. They're excited to have Mr. Kitty in their home, and they think it will work out beautifully! 

A year ago, as an orphan, Mr. Kitty went to live with Antoinette. After she passed away, Mr. Kitty was left alone in her home, grieving and scared. Antoinette did not have any family nearby but, fortunately, she had one friend who is going in to the home to feed Mr. Kitty.

Mr. Kitty is a large, 7-year old, fixed, male cat, weighing in at around 15 pounds. He is an indoor cat, used to being the only animal in the home. Due to all of the changes in the past year, Mr. Kitty is very shy.  Antoinette’s friend told us “he is the sweetest and most scared cat” she has ever seen.  She also said that he is very loving and when he is in your arms, he only wants to be held and petted.

If you want to adopt Mr. Kitty, Hope can help you with start up supplies and support. Call (239) 985-7728.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Good Golly Miss Molly

Update February 20: Katy met Molly and the family reported that they seem like a “perfect match.” Molly is looking forward to enjoying her new lanai and playtime with Katy's son! 

Molly is a 9-yr.old American Shorthair. She lived with Daniel in a Fort Myers facility.  Daniel passed away this past week and Molly was left behind.  The staff members who feed Molly have noticed she is grieving, and everyone wants to find a new home for her as soon as possible.

Molly is spayed and current on shots. She is an indoor  cat only and is not used to being around other pets. Her front paws are declawed. She is described as "real sweet" and her favorite activity was to sleep in Daniel’s lap.

Can you help us find a new home for Molly? Call (239) 985-7728.