Friday, July 18, 2014

Updates on Buddy's Adoption from Sandie B.

Buddy is everyone's dream dog. He's so full of pep when he's not sleeping. No one can believe he's over 11 years old. He loves chewing on his knuckle bone which we picked up at a local food store. He also has a couple of cloth toys that squeak. Boy, does he love when we pull on them and he can "fight" us for possession!

Buddy enjoys being up here because we have a nice screened room - he can sit in and watch people walk by and bark to say "hello."

We just love this guy to pieces and wonder how we ever made it without him. Thank you guys for having this program. All animals deserve someone to love them.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Go Nuts for Peanut!

UPDATE July 16: Linda passed away in her own home early last evening with Peanut by her side. Minutes later, Hope volunteer Pat O’Hare arrived at the door, where Peanut greeted her with a wagging tail - and the two traveled to a shelter for temporary boarding. Fortunately Peanut was not there long, as Nikki called to say that she wanted to give Peanut a new, quiet home. Nikki had lost her own dog recently. We hope that Peanut and Nikki can heal each other's hearts as they form new bonds of companionship and love.

Our patient Linda can no longer take care of her beloved Peanut. Peanut has been her family for the past 15 years, and she needs peace of mind - knowing that Peanut is going to a new loving home.

Peanut is a 15 year old female Jack Russell. She is spayed, house broken, gentle and kind. She rarely barks. She is established with a local vet, her shots are up-to-date and she is very healthy.

We hope to find a new home for Peanut as soon as possible. Peanut is used to being in a quiet household and due to her age, should go to a similar household.

Contact Colette at (239) 985-7728 or pass this information along to anyone you know who may be interested in adopting this sweet dog!