Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Pair of Purrrfection: Stormy and Midnight

Shelia was admitted to hospice and is now compelled to leave the area on Friday, February 2. She is unable to take her two cats along.

Can you give Midnight and Stormy a new home? They are 9 year old brothers, have always been together and have always lived indoors. They are very friendly, loving and healthy. Both are neutered.

Stormy and Midnight must be kept together. When separated, they display moody behavior.

If you can’t provide a permanent home for Midnight and Stormy, would you be able give them a temporary place to stay while we search for their new family?

Hope can assist those offering adoption or temporary boarding with supplies and support. If you can take these cats home, or you know of someone who can, write to

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