Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can you rescue Chester and Hope before Saturday?

Update May 5, 2014: Chester and Hope found a new home together. Val reports that both cats are adjusting well to their new environment and they are enjoying nestling under her comforter.

If you can offer temporary boarding or a permanent home, we need your help!

These two year old kitties are litter mates, who would be happy to be adopted together. Chester is a 10 pound black cat, quite slender in appearance, who likes to climb and use his scratching post. Hope is gray with a white belly and weighs about 7 pounds. They are indoor cats and litterbox-trained. Both still have their claws, Chester is neutered, Hope is spayed, both have up-to-date shots and are flea free.

Chester and Hope usually relish an evening romp, playing together with cat toys. They also enjoy the company of their family’s small dog. Neither Hope nor Chester has experience around children, but both cats will sleep with their owner.

 Please consider giving these two a place to stay until we find them a permanent home. Or, you could be the one to give them a new home – forever!

Call Colette at (239) 985-7728.

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