Monday, March 16, 2015

Why Give to Pet Peace of Mind?

Here's what some of our donors had to say:

"When my husband, Frank, was in Joanne’s House, we were allowed to bring our dog, Gus, to visit. It was a great comfort to both of us to have Gus there. I think it also helped Gus transition to our life without “Dad.” I was so grateful to be allowed to have him with us. It made a very sad and stressful time a little more bearable."
- Kelly Morton

"I am making a gift to Hope’s PPOM program because every individual in your care should not have to worry about who is taking care of their pet - or whether or not they are being fed in their absence. They should have pet peace of mind in their last moments."
- Joanne Siewierski

"Four days before Joan died, a little dog “Caesar” visited Joan along with her daughter-in-law from Orlando. Over a couple of days, Caesar spent several hours on the bed with Joan. When the time came to leave, Caesar was hesitant to do so. Normally he is ready to go. With a “let’s go” command, without prodding, he offered his paw to Joan, as if to say goodbye."
- Thomas Monroe

"At all times of loss in my life, my pets have been a comfort and a reason to face each day. They are truly gifts from God."
- Vonceil Franklin

"Pets make our lives more meaningful. They love us unconditionally and ask for so little in return – love, protection and to be fed. Even at the end of life they offer hope, love and companionship. Both pets and owners deserve to be together and continue to deserve that bond."
- Linda Stevenson Rosenal

"The love and joy our two dogs gave my husband, who was under hospice care, cannot be measured. I hope my small gift helps brings joy to someone in need."
- Joyce Crawley

"My mother was in your hospice for the final days of her life. You allowed her pet Holly to stay in bed with her; we knew she knew Holly was with her. Holly now lives with me, and she is a constant reminder of my mother's love."
- James Gregor

"I am so grateful for the wonderful care my father received at Hope Hospice. My 13 year old dog just passed away, and I imagine him with my father now. This donation is a small way to remember them both and to help others."
- Linda Tague

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