Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Two of a Kind: Mia and Milo

Update April 22: Mia and Milo will be going to a new home! Gena has always had cats in her home. Patches, over 20 years old, passed away two months ago. Harry, a stray that found his way to Gena, passed away 3 weeks ago. A Hope staff person told Gena about Mia and Milo. Gena was still hurting from her own losses, but she couldn’t stop thinking about these cats. When she saw the pictures, she fell in love, saying that Mia looked like her Patches and Milo is the kind of cat she wanted next. Gena has made arrangements to take the cats home in a couple of weeks. 

Mia and Milo, both rescue cats, have lived together with Brianna and her parents, for 4 years. Brianna is at the end of her life and her parents are in need of finding new homes for her cats. They are hoping to keep the cats together, but will consider separating them out.

Mia is 9 years old. She is a long-haired, black, caramel and white cat. She has all of her shots, is micro-chipped and spayed. She's a little princess who will tolerate her buddy, Milo, when he wants to pounce on her.  (She might have issues with other adult cats). Mostly, she would rather just sit, cross her paws and look pretty. She minds her own business during the day but likes her human time in the evening.

Milo is a 4-year old Orange Tabby teenager. He has all of his shots, is micro-chipped and neutered. Milo likes to play, but hangs by himself if he can't get Mia going. He, too, likes his evening human time.

Mia and Milo are not fond of sudden loud noises from outside and will run for cover if frightened by a lawn mower. Both sleep on the bed at night and have no issues with kitty litter. They come with a 6' Cat Tower that they received as a gift.

Can you help us find homes for these two cats? Hope can help you with start up costs and supplies.

If you are interested in adopting Mia and Milo, please contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.

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