Friday, May 19, 2017

A Tale of Two Cats

Update May 30: Sasha and Phillip were fortunate be able to remain together, in what is described as a ‘loving home.’

Bridgette recently passed away in Hope.  She left behind two bonded sibling cats, Sasha and Phillip.

Both cats have lived with Bridgette since they were kittens. Both are male, neutered, and their front paws are declawed.  They are indoor cats only.

Sasha is approximately 12 years old. He is friendly once he knows you.  Phillip is approximately 13 years old and is the more social of the two. They get along with other cats but it is unknown as to how they would react to dogs.

A neighbor is caring for the cats, but is unable to give them permanent homes. Bridgette hoped that the cats would be able to stay together.

Contact Colette at 239-985-7728.

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