Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Make Friends with Tazzie

Update 12/1 Tazzie has a new home! Thank you to everyone who helped to spread the word.

Catherine's last wish was to find a good home for Tazzie, a 9-year old female calico, spayed, with claws. Catherine found her when she was about 6 months old and they have been together since. 

Tazzie is friendly with people, but has not spent much time with children. She has always been a single pet, and prefers dogs to other cats. Her personality is reserved, but she welcomes new people into her life. She would do best with a single adult or adult couple. She is perfectly content being alone for a day or two – not a needy cat, but she prefers being around people and likes to watch TV, nap together, and snuggle at bedtime.

Tazzie needs to find a new home. Hope can help you with start up supplies and support. If you are interested in adopting Tazzie, please contact Colette at (239) 985-7728.

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