Monday, November 25, 2019

New Love for Lovey

Update Dec 4:
Lovey is now back at the Gulf Coast Humane Society, where she was originally rescued. As of today, Lovey is still available to be matched with a loving new family. Contact the Gulf Coast Humane Society directly for details. We are grateful to their organization for graciously assisting with our pet adoptions! 

Even though, at 11 years old, Lovey is a senior dog, her spirit and good health defy that label. A few months after being adopted from the Humane Society, circumstances changed for Lovey’s family. Walter passed away recently in hospice care and his wife, Dotty, is unable to keep Lovey. Dotty will be moving with her daughter, who is allergic to dogs. Dotty wants to assure that Lovey goes to a new home. Lovey, a mixed breed, is a great companion who loves to be cuddled and loves to play with family members. She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and in good health. She weighs about 45 pounds. Being an only dog is important as she doesn’t care for interactions with other dogs. If you are a fan of senior dogs, she would make a wonderful companion. Hope can provide startup supplies and support.

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