Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Urgent: Big Boy Mimi Needs a Family with a Big Heart!

Erika will soon be moving to live with her family caregiver in another state. We want to help Erika by finding a loving, new home for her cat, Mimi, as soon as possible.

Seven years ago, this handsome orange and white cat showed up on Erika’s door during a rainstorm. No longer a kitten, Mimi now weighs a whopping 23 pounds and has lots of love to give!

This neutered male cat is healthy but needs up-to-date vaccinations and a nail trim. Hope can help with both.

Mimi has a very independent personality. Decisions about lap sitting and petting are always up to him! He’s a verbal guy who responds when he is talked to, but he can be skittish with new people and new activities. Mimi would probably do well in a quiet home where he can gradually get comfortable. A new home with a screened area would be ideal, as he’s used to being allowed some “outdoor” time. He gets along well with at least one other cat, so he may fit into a new home with resident kitties.

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