Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prissy, Mr. Willow and Ms. Katie are Looking for Love

These three beautiful pets belong to Lisa - a young woman who lost her husband a year ago and will no longer have a home for them to stay together.

These pets can be adopted as a group or individually. The cats are very used to being together because this brother and sister were from the same litter.

Prissy is a 9.5 year old full bred Sheltie. She has a kind, relaxed disposition and loves being with family. Prissy enjoys being petted and getting attention. She has some minor hip arthritis, but it doesn't hold her back. She's allergic to bees and requires an epi shot if stung. She is finicky with food but is very healthy. Prissy has given birth to one litter of puppies, and she is not spayed. Her microchip is from the Eastside Animal Hospital, and she is up to date on her shots.

Mr. Willow and Ms. Katie (below) are Hemingway cats with more than five toes. They were part of Lisa's family for over 13 years. This brother and sister pair are outdoor cats who only come inside when it's cold or rainy - or to get their food and water. They still have their natural claws. Neither of them likes seafood or seafood cat food. Both cats have been spayed/neutered.

Mr. Willow (above) is an all black male cat. He loves to cuddle -- but please don't touch his belly! He has a talkative personality and will charm you with his meows.

Ms. Katie (above) is a brown and black female cat with 7 front and 5 back claws. She is lovable and shy, craving attention. She loves to sit on a lap. Ms. Katie can be skittish during storms or when confronted by children or large dogs.

Do you want to adopt Prissy, Mr. Willow or Ms. Katie? Hope can help get you started with supplies and support.

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